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Pyroflex Long Sleeve Top

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A Revolution in 1st Layer and Tropical Thermal Protection


When it comes to thermal protection, nothing beats neoprene. And when it comes to delivering maximum stretch and comfort, once again, neoprene eclipses all other materials. 


That’s why, when SCUBAPRO saw the need for a new line of first-layer thermal steamers and rash guards, its engineers chose the road less traveled. In their designs they bypassed the commonly-used materials and instead went right for the real thing. 



Pyroflex steamers and rash guards are built from100 percent pure Everflex neoprene made from an exclusive formula called X-Foam, which is made from limestone neoprene and complies with the very strict PAH regulations, ensuring fewer pollutants. Due to its high micro-cell structure, limestone neoprene tends to be lighter in weight, it is very durable, and most importantly, its increased cell structure makes it a highly efficient insulator for better heat retention.


The outside layer of Pyroflex steamers and rash guards features a special water-repellant, high-stretch 1.5mm Everflex neoprene, which dries quickly and offers maximum range of motion. On the inside you have a combination of high-tech fleece and plush. The fleece can be found on the inside torso, behind the main panels and lining the arms and legs on the steamers, and the plush can be found on the inside of the shoulders, side panels and wrists, and also on the ankles of the steamers. These materials promote warmth, are super comfortable and also dry quickly.


Both Pyroflex steamers and rash guards come with slightly higher neck collars for maximum comfort and to prevent BC chafing. The steamers also feature thumb loops and heel stirrups to avoid ride-up when used as an under layer, plus a YKK front zipper for easy donning and doffing.


Pyrofle steamers and rash guards present the ultimate blend of premium exterior neoprene and interior fleece and plush, delivering comfort, stretch and thermal protection for tropical diving, snorkeling, or pool training. Pyroflex steamers and rash guards are available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women, enabling all watersports enthusiasts to find the perfect fit.



• Made from X-Foam neoprene, which is lightweight, durable, and a highly efficient insulator for 

    heat retention.


• Petroleum free, X-Foam is the only neoprene formula that complies with the very strict P.A.H.

    (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) test requirements, ensuring fewer pollutants.


• Pyroflex outside layer is made from 1.5mm water-repellant Everflex, which dries quickly and is   

    extremely high stretch, ensuring maximum range of motion.


• Interior is lined with a combination of fleece and plush, strategically placed to optimize comfort 

    and warmth. 


• Slightly higher neck collars on both rash guards and steamers deliver maximum comfort and 

    prevent BC chafing. 


• Steamers feature thumb loops and heel stirrups to avoid ride-up when used as an under layer, 

    plus a YKK front zipper for easy donning and doffing.


• Available in 13 sizes for men and 13 sizes for women.



Neoprene provides divers and snorkelers with genuine thermal protection, while garments made from other fabrics or material blends simply do not. Offering 1.5mm of premium neoprene backed by a very comfortable fleece and plush lining, Pyroflex first-layer steamers and rash guards offer a revolutionary approach to thermal protection. They don’t just provide protection from scrapes and stings, they provide bona fide thermal protection. And that’s the most important type of protection a diver or snorkeler can have when spending long periods of time in the water.